Direct Marketing and Letterbox distribution is well known as one of the most cost effective ways to market and advertise business products and services.
Leaflet 2 Letterbox delivers regulary to 70000 letterboxes on the Northern Beaches of Sydney promotional material such as flyers and catalogues.

Do you know that

70% of your target market reads flyers and catalogues
60% of the flyers and catalogues are retained
74% of those reading the flyer are the primary household shopper.
(Source Sweeney Vam Behaviours)
79% of Customers will act on direct mail immediately, compared to 45% who utilise email. (CMO Council)
54% of reader are likely to shop after reading a delivered flyer or catalogue that has been delivered to their letterbox.

We have a reliable and experienced distribution team who are GPS tracked and supervised. We know that your material is delivered to your clients letterbox.

What we do to ensure your flyers are delivered

We check every GPS log
We do not deliver in the rain
We do not Bundle any delivery

Our practices gives your flyer every opportunity to be read and retained by your target client