Members of the industry and their contract deliverers agree to uphold the spirit of the code in all respects.
Be conscious at all times of the need to respect individual privacy and personal taste of the consumer.
Ensure that any delivery with which they are associated is consistent with a high standard of performance.

Abide by the following guidelines:

1. Do Not place material in receptacles where a sign requesting non delivery is displayed. (Does not apply to newspapers)
2. Do Not deliver material where there is no receptacle to receive such material or where the receptacle is unsuitable for such material.
3. Do Not leave multiple copies unsecured unless the resident or Authorised Officer takes full responsibility.
4. Do Not deliver material where there is an obvious overflow of other such material, or remove other articles to make room for your delivery.
5. Do Not throw or generally litter or leave items on the ground that have been pushed out by your delivery.
6. Only deliver to receptacles that are designed to take letters or newspapers and ensure that material is secure.
7. Deliverers will:- Where possible, fully insert all items into the receptacle utilising the newspaper slot, where available, or otherwise the letter slot. Pickup and replace any items that may be pushed out while other material is being placed in the receptacle.
Ensure that delivered items are secure and unlikely to fall out of the receptacle. Particularly on windy days.
8. Companies will:- Immediately react to queries or complaints.
Clean up any litter caused by incorrect delivery practices.
Cooperate fully with local authorities.
Provide details of deliverers responsible for littering offenses to relevant authorities.
Each year supply all deliverers with a copy of the Code of Practice and supply copies to new deliverers before they start.Provide ongoing training in ‘industry-best’ work practices.
Enforce the Code of Practice to the best of their abilities in the interest of customers, community and the industry.
Ensure items for delivery are not of an “adults-only” nature as letterboxes are easily accessible to children